Space Apps Ottawa is a local organization promoting events encouraging people to be passionate about space and science. This is our fourth year running the event. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or contact us by emailing us.

Our parent association is the Canadian Space Society, a registered not-for-profit and charity. You can learn more about the Canadian Space Society's mission and history here.


Space Apps Ottawa Hackathon Links Carleton to Outer Space

Elizabeth Howell for Carleton Newsroom

Space Apps Challenge Bring in More Than 425 Canadian Participants

Elizabeth Howell for SpaceQ

Carleton Hosts NASA Hackathon

Matthew Curtis for Carleton Newsroom

NASA’s International Space Apps hackathon touches down in Ottawa

Maya Gwilliam for Ottawa Business Journal


Bilyana Anicic (Space Apps Ottawa 2020 Judge)

Bilyana Anicic

Enterprise Architect | Dot Connector | Digital Transformer
President and Principal Consultant at Aurora Consulting

Bilyana Anicic has been delivering solutions in line with clients' business needs for over 20 years. Bilyana is presently helping Government of Canada departments with their Digital Transformations.

Bilyana is passionate about leveraging location as the interoperability “glue" for Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). As an Enterprise Architect, she applied her passion on many initiatives, both here in Canada and internationally, including leading the GC’s Federal Geospatial Platform (FGP) and Open Maps initiative.

Eva-Jane Lark (Space Apps Ottawa 2020 Judge)

Eva-Jane Lark

is a Vice-President and Investment Advisor at one of Canada’s largest full-service investment firms. A passionate observer and advocate of commercial space development, she is frequently invited as a speaker and panelist to offer her keen insights into emerging new space industries and their financing, and on space resource development.

Sarah Morgan (Space Apps Ottawa 2020 Judge)

Sarah Morgan

CEO, Nano-Lit Technologies

Founder & CEO of Nano-Lit Technologies, the first company globally to manufacture and sell Quantum Dot lighting systems embedded with evidence based circadian rhythm lighting recipes. An industrial designer and entrepreneur, Sarah's background spans Fashion, Music, and a Masters Thesis in lighting and biomimicry. After lecturing on product design on the International Space Station at the University of Dundee (where Chris Hadfield was a guest speaker), she has maintained strong relationships within the Space industry and will soon be embarking on technology R&D as well as human Space health research.

Dr. Steven Muegge (Space Apps Ottawa 2020 Judge and Organizer)

Dr. Steven Muegge

is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University, and the Director of Carleton's Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program. He teaches, conducts research, and supervises graduate students within Carleton's TIM program, and fosters entrepreneurship and innovation within the broader community. His research features prominently throughout Canada’s National Capital Region, including the design of the award-winning Lead To Win ecosystem and in the business models of hundreds of technology entrepreneurs.


We have a large team of organizers and volunteers from all walks of life. Below are just a few of the people who work hard to make each year's event memorable and fun. Interested in helping out? Email us!

Nick Kellett Bio Pic 160x160

Nicholas Kellett

I am the Founder and CEO of Deploy Solutions, a Canadian software company specializing in reducing software project failure rates.

I am a software technologist, speaker, instructor, and blogger with twenty years of professional consulting experience in a wide variety of industries.

I also like to blog about space exploration, scuba diving, and travel.

Cory Mckinnon

Cory Mckinnon

Director of UX/UI at Solink, an Ottawa startup that links video security footage with point-of-sale transactions to create real-time insight into daily business pain points. Main motivations are to collaborate with creative minded team members who have a passion for producing quality products and ultimately to create world class User Interfaces and User Experiences that will make a difference in peoples lives. I joined the Ottawa Space Apps team 2 years ago as a mentor, I help teams ideate and narrow there problem statements so they can quickly tackle their challenges. I have been following everything space on the internet since 1995, specifically space launch. One time I took down the DSL at the office trying to watch a Space Shuttle launch live!