Space Apps Ottawa is a local organization promoting events encouraging people to be passionate about space and science. This is our third year running the event. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or contact us by emailing us.

Our parent association is the Canadian Space Society, a registered not-for-profit and charity. You can learn more about the Canadian Space Society's mission and history here.


Space Apps Ottawa Hackathon Links Carleton to Outer Space

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Space Apps Challenge Bring in More Than 425 Canadian Participants

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Carleton Hosts NASA Hackathon

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NASA’s International Space Apps hackathon touches down in Ottawa

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Julie Claveau

graduated with a degree in Physics and Astronomy from the University Victoria in 2008. She is an Earth Observation Mission Planner and specialist for the RADARSAT program at the Canadian Space Agency with acquisition planning experience for the RADARSAT-2 mission. Her current mandate is opening up the RADARSAT-1 historic archives for use by all Canadians, with ease of access. She will shortly train as Program Manager for the International Charter “Space and Major Disasters.” Her previous work experience is in military naval operations as MARS officer and in public administration. Her strong interest for space started at a young age, stargazing for hours, which then followed with a passion with the physics of space and our place in the universe.

Claudio De Angelis Resized

Claudio De Angelis

is the Business Manager Space Solutions at ADGA Group Consultants Inc, providing professional consulting services to government and private sector clients. His experience spans over 35 years in Aerospace and Defence, primarily in Program, Project and Proposal Management. He is currently leading a multi-disciplined team of engineering experts working on mission critical programs for DND and CSA.

Eva-Jane Lark_Resized5

Eva-Jane Lark

is a Vice-President and Investment Advisor at one of Canada’s largest full-service investment firms. A passionate observer and advocate of commercial space development, she is frequently invited as a speaker and panelist to offer her keen insights into emerging new space industries and their financing, and on space resource development.


Dr. Steven Muegge

is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University, and the Director of Carleton's Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program. He teaches, conducts research, and supervises graduate students within Carleton's TIM program, and fosters entrepreneurship and innovation within the broader community. His research features prominently throughout Canada’s National Capital Region, including the design of the award-winning Lead To Win ecosystem and in the business models of hundreds of technology entrepreneurs.


We have a large team of organizers and volunteers from all walks of life. Below are just a few of the people who work hard to make each year's event memorable and fun. Interested in helping out? Email us!


Ryan Anderson

Ryan is President and CEO of Satellite Canada Innovation Network, a not-for-profit corporation focused on enhancing the competitiveness of Canada’s space industry. A professional engineer with over 12 years’ experience, Ryan provides consulting services with QShift Inc.

Ryan is an Advisory Board Member for SEDS Canada, Co-Lead of Space Apps Ottawa, and father of four budding engineers.

Nick Kellett Bio Pic 160x160

Nicholas Kellett

I am the Founder and CEO of Deploy Solutions, a Canadian software company specializing in reducing software project failure rates.

I am a software technologist, speaker, instructor, and blogger with twenty years of professional consulting experience in a wide variety of industries.

I also like to blog about space exploration, scuba diving, and travel.

Cory Mckinnon

Cory Mckinnon

Director of UX/UI at Solink, an Ottawa startup that links video security footage with point-of-sale transactions to create real-time insight into daily business pain points. Main motivations are to collaborate with creative minded team members who have a passion for producing quality products and ultimately to create world class User Interfaces and User Experiences that will make a difference in peoples lives. I joined the Ottawa Space Apps team 2 years ago as a mentor, I help teams ideate and narrow there problem statements so they can quickly tackle their challenges. I have been following everything space on the internet since 1995, specifically space launch. One time I took down the DSL at the office trying to watch a Space Shuttle launch live!

Arthur Ruff 160px

Arthur Ruff

I'm the CEO and founder of ISRU Tech Inc. which builds technology to reduce the cost of space exploration and development through the use of resources found in space. I began my career in Mission Control on the Space Station program in 1996. In 2015 I won NASA's "Space Pioneering - Achieving Earth Independence" competition with the design of a Martian habitat made from reinforced ice.


Ozge Tuzumet Yucel

After completing bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Ozge Tuzumet Yucel started to work at Marks & Spencer, both in Turkey and Russia offices. She worked with higher level managers closely and became an expert on digital marketing and social media. Since Ozge is more interested in technology, she changed his sector to defense and started to work at ASELSAN, among the top 75 defense companies in the world. She worked as a project manager at Communication & Information Technologies business sector. Besides her professional business carrier, she is passionate about using her experiences to tackle local problems. Ozge has been actively involved in many volunteering projects and international organizations. She went to Italy as a UNESCO volunteer to clean green areas (2010), represented Turkey as a delegate at One Young World Zurich Summit referring by CNN as “Young Davos” (2011), was awarded EU grant for internship in London (2012), and attended International Gender Discrimination Workshop in Germany (2015). Currently, she is a student at Technology Innovation Managements master’s program at Carleton University and an active member of Global Shapers Ottawa Hub – a youth initiative of World Economic Forum.